Laravel 5.1 – Quick Tip on Adopting PSR-2

By Mark Davidson on June 9th, 2015

Just a quick post to point out for those using Laravel 5.1 ( released today ) it is now using PSR-2 coding guidelines. It’s up to you if you want to adopt these guidelines, but an easy way to check your using them can be to tweak your IDE settings. There is a good guide on the basic settings here for PhpStorm. You can also read more about the Coding Style on the PHP Framework Interop Group page for PSR-2.

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Check out Lumen it’s Quite Illuminating

By Mark Davidson on April 14th, 2015

Lumen - The stunningly fast micro-framework by Laravel

Lumen has landed the new PHP framework from Taylor Otwell the creator of Laravel, with the aim of the framework being to create a great framework for producing lightning fast micro-services and APIs.

This post is really just to bring Lumen to the top of my list to talk about. I’m really excited by the framework, Laravel is so amazing and Lumen opens up a whole new level of possibilities.

So in future posts I’m going to talk about the comparison of Lumen with Laravel and then the comparison of Lumen with the other two major PHP micro-frameworks Silex and Slim 3.

In the mean while if your excited to learn more I’d recommend starting with reading the project site, the associated documentation, Matt Stauffer really excellent post and the Laravel News announcement.

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Blog Posting with Emacs using org2blog

By Mark Davidson on January 15th, 2012

Its been a long while since I did a post, but after neglecting this blog for quite a while I’ve decided to get back on doing regular posts again. While I’ve been away Emacs has rapidly become my editor of choice and this will be my first post on the subject.

So to the actual point of this post with my use of emacs has come the attitude that I should do as much as possible within it as it helps improve my skills and well emacs is awesome as everyone should know. To this avail I started looking for a way to post to a wordpress blog from within emacs. A quick search turned up org2blog as the best tool for the job. So in this post I’m going to give a quick overview of setting up org2blog in emacs and using it to make your first blog post like I am here.

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